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Not just another AI copilot
Octave is a better way to sell

Octave is an end-to-end platform that helps you build messaging, find your ideal customers, generate hyper-personalized outreach in seconds, and accelerate growth — all from one collaborative workspace.

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Imagine a platform that can understand your business and actually help you sell

Growth Initiatives
Growth Initiatives
Growth Initiatives
Generate personalized messaging on demand
Make every interaction stand out with unprecedented personalization
Remove the grunt work from selling
Free up cycles for your most meaningful work and generate more pipeline

Messaging finally has a home

The existing outbound tools are brittle, difficult to use, and encourage counterproductive spray and pray tactics. Stop wasting your time recreating copy and pointless A/B testing.

Unparalleled personalization superpowers

Personalization isn’t an afterthought that can be applied with static variables. Genuine personalization that works requires it to be elegantly weaved in throughout every bit of language.

Purpose-built smart workflows

Quit trying to glue data sources together. Your outbound tool should have native access to hundreds of millions of contacts, the ability to read LinkedIn, websites, and more... all in real-time.

Gain momentum with purpose-built AI

Quit wasting your time with chat bots and start leveraging AI in true workflows

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