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Reimagining how companies define and drive their GTM strategy

Octave is an AI-powered platform that helps GTM teams develop messaging, generate content, and engage prospects — all from one collaborative workspace.

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Create with context

Finally a platform that actually understands what makes each company unique

Growth Initiatives
Growth Initiatives
Growth Initiatives
Execute with purpose
Ensure every interaction counts with authentic personalization superpowers
Optimize with intelligence
Uncover meaningful insights that propel the cross-functional growth effort

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Your company’s GTM lexicon now has a living breathing home. You can define, evolve, and put to work all the critical foundational elements that make up your unique approach.

Deep Collaboration

The power of AI is best put to use when it’s context aware, amplified by network effects, and multiplayer by default. Your team can now create and learn from each other in real-time.

End-to-end platform

Built from the ground up to support the modern GTM effort that cuts across legacy departmental boundaries. Say goodbye to static resources, data silos, and tribal knowledge.

GTM with Octave

Leverage AI as a system level capability not just a feature

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Welcome to Octave
Messaging is the foundational context that anchors GTM. Now it has a home.
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